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We are at that age...Olivia wants to drink from a cup like her big sister, now that's all well and good but it makes meal/snacks times incredibly...wet so when Claire from ez-sip asked us to try out her clever design of silicone, spoutless lids I snapped up the offer.

It makes my life a lot easier, no more tantrums at the dinner table because she wants her sisters cup, no impromptu baths for Olivia and due to its stretchiness it fits almost every cup, it is incredibly easy to clean and also dishwasher safe - bonus!!!

I am over the moon with this product and although we do still sometimes use a sippy cup in the living room, she definitely prefers drinking from the ez-sip lid and we are almost at the stage of a full transition.

Another of my favourite parts of the ez-sip is that you can take them anywhere with you so I keep one in the changing bag for when we are out and about so I dont have to remembe to take a sippy cup with me and risk it leaking inside which they quite often do!

Thank you Claire, thank you for making the transition far more enjoyable than I experienced with my eldest! X

I would highly recommend this product so if you'd like to order a lid you can do so here -

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